Keeping You Protected, Cooler, & More Comfortable


Slicker for Faster Donning & Doffing*


Quicker Dry Time*


More Flexible for Enhanced Mobility*

*Compared to competitive filament thermal liner face cloths

Lightweight, Comfortable & Affordable Thermal Protection

Prism™ is a lightweight, inherently flame resistant thermal liner composite that incorporates Safety Components’ proprietary and patented Sigma™ yarn technology. Sigma yarn technology combines optimal ratios of meta-aramid, para-aramid, FR viscose and polyamide fibers. These fibers, when scientifically selected for maximum performance, provide an excellent combination of protection, comfort, moisture management, strength and durability as well as garment longevity.


Prism is woven into a technical dobby raindrop pattern, designed to channel moisture away from the firefighter. Chosen specifically by the United States Marine Corps for its next generation combat shirt and the United States Army for its Level V wet weather parka. Prism keeps the warrior and the firefighter protected, cooler and more comfortable

Prism offers a variety of combinations to meet specific thermal protective needs:


Prism Pure

Prism face cloth quilted to one-layer of 4 oz. pure virgin needle punched 50% meta-aramid/50% para-aramid batting.


Prism 2-Layer

Prism quilted to one-layer of 1.5 oz. aramid spunlace batting and one-layer fof 2.3 oz. spunlace batting

There are four primary levels of performance within the Prism fabric. The performance levels are driven by the specific physical properties of the four individual fibers selected. These fibers, when intimately blended together at optimal ratios, maximize the best properties of each individual fiber. These fibers and properties are as follows:

  • Meta-aramid fibers provide excellent thermal protection and durability for long lasting garment performance.
  • Para-aramid fibers provide excellent shrinkage control, break open protection and enhanced fabric strength.
  • FR viscose fibers provide excellent moisture management, improved comfort and softness to the wearer.
  • Polyamide fibers provide improved strength and fabric durability.

Prism is designed with a technical raindrop pattern that positions a higher ratio of FR viscose inside the raindrop. FR viscose is made from natural beech trees and possesses excellent moisture wicking capabilities and a very soft feel. The concentrated placement of the FR viscose inside the raindrop allows the fabric to channel moisture away from the wearer, thereby improving wearer comfort.

Prism is made from ring spun yarn technology. At Safety Components we only use ring spun yarns in our thermal liner fabrics. Most competitive thermal liner fabrics in the market today are made from air jet spun yarns. Developed in the late 1980’s to increase the speed of production and reduce cost, air jet spun yarns are typically less comfortable than the original ring spinning technology. Air jet yarns are more hairy, feel raspy to the touch and typically are weaker than ring spun yarn yarns. In short, they cost less but feel worse.

Prism, made from the same ring spun technology employed by fabric artisans for centuries, is comfortable, soft to the touch and strong for a long lasting garment life.

At Safety Components we only use the highest performance battings in our thermal liners. We never use reprocessed fibers, only the finest first quality, pure aramid fibers available. Our tests indicate that first quality, pure aramid fibers are more stable and don’t wash out as easily as reprocessed fibers. The use of pure fiber technology provides a more consistently protective ensemble and more stable TPP/THL performance during garment life.