PBI MAX™ 205g

Proven Performance.
Unmatched Mobility.

PBI Max Fabric 1x at 400dpi-01

Safety Components is proud to introduce the number one selling PBI outershell in the world: PBI Max™. The PBI Max patented design offers firefighters a superior combination of break open and thermal protection, the strongest outer shell fabric in the world, and the most flexible and comfortable outer shell fabric the fire service has ever seen. PBI Max outer shell delivers triple-threat performance—unmatched protection, unmatched durability, and unmatched comfort.

The Largest Fire brigades have trusted in and specified the PBI Max design through the years.



205g PBI Max


Weight: 205g

-70% PBI/Para-Aramid spun yarns

-30% 400 denier DuPont Kevlar filament


Weave: Comfort Twill with Filament Twill Technology


Color: Gold and Black

Filament Twill Technology


Filament Twill Technology is a fabric technology patented by Safety Components in 2012. Compared to other fabric technologies like “conventional rip-stop” and “basic twill” designs, Filament Twill fabric designs are lighter and stronger both new and after UV Exposure.

SC FTT Weave Comparisions Int'l-01