Armor AP International

Step Up Your Game

Armor AP Khaki Fabric 1x at 350dpi-01

Better Tear Strength, As Received*


Better Tear Strength, After UV*

*Compared to competitive Nomex/Kevlar Outershells

For the last two decades, fire departments choosing outer shells made of 40% DuPont™ Nomex®/60% DuPont™ Kevlar® have been limited to stiff and uncomfortable gear... until now.


Utilizing the groundbreaking Filament Twill Technology™ used in PBI Max™, Safety Components is launching Armor AP™ to fill the needs of firefighters who prefer improved mobility, improved durability, and improved protection at an economical price. Armor AP—a 6.5 oz. outer shell with absolute performance.



Weight: 6.5 oz.

- 80% Meta/Para-Aramid spun yarns

- 20% 400 denier DuPont Kevlar filament


Overall Blend: 35% Meta Aramid and 65% Para Aramid


Weave: Comfort Twill with Filament Twill Technology


Color: Gold, Khaki, Black


Filament Twill Technology


Filament Twill Technology is a fabric technology patented by Safety Components in 2012. Compared to other fabric technologies like “conventional rip-stop” and “basic twill” designs, Filament Twill fabric designs are lighter and stronger both new and after UV Exposure.

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