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Today, Sigma is worn by over 100,000 U.S. soldiers across the globe to
protect against the same dangers experienced by wildland firefighting and USAR
teams—flash fire and fatigue. Now, following a two-year wear trial involving Cal
Fire, Natick, the National Forestry Service, and dozens of other top agencies
along the west coast, Sigma has confirmed what the U.S. Military had already
determined—the next generation of flame resistant fabric technologies has arrived.

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PBI TriGuard®  —  Click to View Product Page
PBI TriGuard is breathable allowing air to circulate around the body while working
long days where dirt, smoke, heat and sweat are constant companions. And at
weights lighter than traditional fabrics, PBI TriGuard minimizes the risk of heat
stress related injuries, for peace-of-mind protection allowing you to concentrate
on the mission at hand. PBI TriGuard provides the best thermal and flame
protection, greater comfort and durability in a single fabric.

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