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Filament Twill Technology
Technology in PPE has advanced at an amazing rate over the last few years.
Lighter, stronger, more flexible FR fabrics coupled with ergonomic garment designs
have revolutionized the way firefighters perform while wearing turnout gear.
Filament Twill Technology™, developed and patented by Safety Components,
can be found in outer shells like PBI Max™ and Armor AP™ and in thermal
liners like Glide™. Flexible fabrics woven with filament and spun yarns...
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Outershells  —  Click to View Products
Recognized as the technology leader and one of the largest global suppliers of fire-
fighting fabrics, Safety Components innovative fabric solutions continue to improve

the personal protective performance of outershell fabrics. Whether it’s enhanced,
durable water repellency for safer, lighter, more comfortable gear, or solution dyed
fibers for improved color consistency, or lower profile ripstop weaves for improved
resistance to abrasion, or most recently the inclusion of military grade Kevlar® for
improved durability…look to Safety Components for superior outershell fabric performance.

Thermal Liners  —  Click to View Products
Technological advancements in firefighting fabrics extend through our complete line of
thermal liners. With innovations that address the key elements in thermal liner
performance such as moisture management, freedom of movement and weight gain.
As the last layer of defense, we understand the importance of properly engineered

thermal liner systems. That’s why we patented higher lubricity liners featuring
excellent moisture management and pure fiber battings for consistent TPP and
THL performance and water repellent spunlace for improved moisture wicking.

Wildland, USAR, Apparel  —  Click to View Products
Regardless of the tasks at hand, these situations all demand gear that is
lighter, tougher and drier. That’s why we employ the most advanced weaving
technology in the world, combined with high performance fibers like DuPont™
Nomex®, DuPont™ Kevlar®, Lenzing FR and PBI to offer garments that are lighter
weight, yet provide advanced protection and performance. Fabrics that assure
higher thermal protection with exceptional comfort and durability, fabrics that are
certified to NFPA 1977/1975/1951 — the most reliable garments on the market today.